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Family Thymelaceae

Pimelea linifolia ssp. linifolia Slender rice-flower

Wherever this attractive understorey shrub occurs, it usually forms masses of flowers throughout most of winter and spring. The individual inflorescence is attractive, resembling exploding firework, but in large numbers, it is simply amazing. This spectacular event can be seen along McCarrs Creek Road, where it passes through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and where it is actually quite dangerous to take your eyes off the road. Another, more tranquil, spot is behind West Lindfield in the Lane Cove National Park. I am sure there are many such areas. When not in flower, the shrub can be recognised by its elongate, blueish green leaves, which have a rounded point, and the fluffy white seed heads. This shrub is easily propagated and grows well in gardens.

Flowering: winter and spring.

Habitat: Dry open forest on sandy soils; often in urban bushland.

Distribution: in Sydney widespread from coast to mountains. Throughout New South Wales except in the far west. A subspecies with long, pointed leaves occurs in the Blue Mountains. Also in Queensland Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

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