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Family Mimosacaea

Acacia suaveolens Sweet-scented wattle

This straggly shrub, up to about 1.5m is a familiar sight in Sydney bushland in winter. The shrub itself consists of just a few branches, which are flattened, and bear flattened, upright leaves at just the ends. When it flowers, however, it becomes conspicuous, with the end of the branches covered in creamy, heavily scented flowers. A feature of the flowering racemes is that they appear from one giant creamy-coloured bud.

Flowering: late autumn to early spring, this is one of the earliest-flowering wattles.

Habitat: Dry open forest on sandy soils; often in urban bushland.

Distribution: in Sydney widespread from coast to mountains. In New South Wales also north coast, northern tablelands, central western slopes and south coast. Also in Queensland Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

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